Wicked tales: dark red


Wicked Tales: Dark Red is a unique casino game from the popular publisher Kingsley Brides. Like all of the previous versions of Wicked Tales, it comes with a random number generator and is part of the “Barker” series. If you enjoy online roulette games with a nice selection of graphics and sounds, this could be a game for you.

One of the greatest parts of Wicked Tales: Dark Red is its beautiful and engaging artwork. The artwork is gorgeous, while still remaining true to the casino theme. The tiles and backs of each round table have a beautifully rendered, Gothic, design motif. The art is done in a very light, pleasant color scheme, making the dark red of the tiles not too scary (even though it is indeed red). While the art is lovely, I’m not sure if it would look as good printed out as it looks on the computer screen.

One other minor criticism of Wicked Tales: Dark Red is the fact that there aren’t any online casino slots included. While they did add a welcome bonus to the downloadable version of the game, it was not enough to make me want to log into a real casino. I guess that this particular aspect of the game is designed for live casinos, since all of the free bonus features work exactly the same in online versions. In my opinion, they don’t give the casino experience the same kind of addictive hook that the free bonus does. In fact, I haven’t even heard of any current casino games that use the “free roll” method in their mechanics!

Wicked Tales: Dark Red is definitely worth playing. It’s fun, engaging, and has a lot of entertainment value. If you enjoy a good game of poker but don’t like the slots, you’ll love this game. If you enjoy playing computer games with Gothic themes, this one is for you. However, if you’re looking for something that will challenge your mind, and will keep you coming back for more, I recommend that you stick to games with more traditional casino style graphics. Wicked Tales: Dark Red is definitely a must play for anyone who likes online gambling games!